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Our friendly staff can find the perfect storage unit to meet your specific needs and answer any questions that you may have about our storing your goods in our secure facility. We offer more storage space sizes and mini storage units than any storage facility in Ottawa. Our customers benefit from 24/7 controlled access, state-of-the-art security, and digital video surveillance to keep their goods protected and safe while in storage.

Our location is convenient for all commuters as we are centrally located and easily accessible for people looking for storage in Ottawa and storage in Gatineau/Hull. We are close to the war museum, O-Train for students, and just off the main transit-way.

At Just Right Self Storage in Ottawa, protecting your goods during their stay at our secure self storage facility is a top priority. As a result of our diligence to keep your goods safe, we have equipped our facility with a humidity and climate control system that maintains the optimal temperature and humidity within our facility to prevent the development of mould, mildew, and environmental processes that can damage your goods (such as the development of rust).

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Just Right Self Storage offers you convenient and hassle-free personal self storage solutions in Ottawa for your personal self storage needs. We help you create space so that you can focus on what matters most. Our self storage facility is an extension of your garage, your attic, and your home.

Our clean, bright, secure facility is a great place to store your belongings during a renovation or while you’re downsizing or moving. If you want to truly expand your home’s space, consider us for longer-term residential storage of your household goods, furniture, or other personal items. It’s your space and your peace of mind; we are here to make your residential storage easy and hassle-free.

Our climate controlled residential storage units come in all sizes ranging from 25 to 300 square feet. Additionally, our storage facility has advanced security features, including state-of-the-art security systems such as 24-hour digital video surveillance, computer-controlled secure access and a sheltered drive-thru lane for easy and secure access to your belongings. We make sure that your goods are safe so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your goods are secure.

With our professional advice and great customer service, you can’t go wrong!

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Just Right Self Storage is your local supplier for moving and packing supplies in Ottawa such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, and moving boxes. Our moving and packing supply centre has everything that you need to make your move easy, safe, and affordable.

We stock many different sizes of moving boxes in Ottawa and a variety of moving and packing products in addition to clean and secure storage units in Ottawa. We have everything you need to keep your move organized. We sell only professional grade moving boxes that are appropriate size and construction so you can now have the same moving supplies the professionals use at competitive prices from one convenient location in the same facility that provides you with exceptional customer service and secure storage in Ottawa for your valuables.

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Self Storage Ottawa Articles, Industry Tips and Storage News

9 Tips For Moving in the Rain

1. Snatch Garbage Bags.


"Plastic waste sacks have dependably been my go-to stormy move day tip," says Jenna Weinerman, showcasing chief at Updater. They can be put over a pile of garments on holders. Jab an opening in the highest point of the sacks for the snares.


Paper things and books can be set in plastic sacks and afterward stuffed in a compartment. Littler products can likewise be shielded from the rain inside a sack.


2. Wrap Everything You Can.


"Since moving covers are not waterproof, you ought to consider plastic spreads like therapist wrapping," exhorts Lauren Haynes, a home sorting out master at Star Domestic Cleaners.


Contract wrapping bigger pieces, for example, furniture, wood racks and sleeping cushions will keep them dry and clean.


Seal boxes with substantial obligation tape and afterward wrap them to keep dampness out.


3. Abbreviate Distances.


"Move the majority of your crates into one room, for example, the lounge room or even the carport," proposes Trudeau. "This curtails the need to gallivant through the house all wet."


Likewise on the off chance that you can, back the moving truck as near the house or flat working as could reasonably be expected.


Youthful couple in wellington boots on overwhelmed floor


4. Set out Toward Cover.


Search for approaches to set up an impermanent cover over where you will be strolling, recommends Marcion Albert, who used to enable his dad to flip homes. "Regardless of whether that is utilizing a popup tent between the home entryway and the truck, or just hanging a canvas over the way, you might have the capacity to counterbalance a considerable measure of the rain."


5. Utilize Makeshift Mats.


To help counteract slipping, lay sheets of cardboard in the passage and furthermore along the way between the entryway and the truck.


Put old sheets, mats or covers on floors of the home where partners will be strolling.


6. Organize Items.


"In the event that you can't sit tight for a break in the rain, attempt to begin with plastic tubs or other plastic things first," notes Trudeau. "Ideally when you have to move delicate things or things without boxes the rain will decrease."


In the wake of wrapping machines and electronic gear, hold up until the rain stops to transport them or ensure they are all around secured and far from water amid the move.


7. Set Up an Assembly Line.


On the off chance that you have relatives and companions choosing, some to remain inside the home, others to stay in the truck, and a few to make the trek between the house and the truck. This will limit the measure of soil and mud that should be tidied up later.


8. Dry As You Go.


In the event that you pressed the majority of your towels, assume a few out and position them in the moving truck. In the wake of stacking a container or household item, wipe it off to help expel abundance dampness.


9. Evacuate Items Upon Arrival.


"Unload rapidly," prompts Albert. "In the event that the crate has been traded off, the sooner the things can be expelled the better."


At that point look through the heap of boxes. Dispose of the ones you won't require once more, as keeping wet cardboard could prompt shape or mold.


"In the event that you plan to reuse the container, abandon it on a yard or porch to completely go before putting it away," includes Albert.


If you are looking for self-storage in Ottawa for your personal storage unit or business storage needs in the heart of Ottawa then give us a call to discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage in Ottawa. We are conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau we are the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau.

How to Move and Store a Pool Table

On the off chance that you have an energy for playing pool, you'll need your pool table to tag along on your best course of action.


Furthermore, transporting it painstakingly is vital to guarantee its sheltered landing.


"Pool is generally a round of accuracy," clarifies Dustyn Ferguson, proprietor of Billiard Lux. "A disgraceful establishment can demonstrate to divert from your diversion."


The most effective method to move and store a pool table


Take after these means to ensure your pool table remains in incredible condition amid a move:


Dismantling and Reassembly


The two most critical variables to consider while moving a pool table are the dismantling and reassembly, calls attention to Dejon Reid, VP of offers at FlatRate Moving.


The normal pool table weighs in the vicinity of 650 and 900 pounds, and ranges from seven feet to nine feet long.


"A pool table may appear to be extensive, cumbersome and subsequently, not delicate," said Ferguson. "In any case, in truth a pool table can turn out to be delicate, particularly once you begin dismantling it and moving it."


Dismantling a pool table requires:


Expelling the corner and side pockets.


Segregating the rails.


Evacuating the felt


Isolate the slate from the table,


Dismantle the legs and edge


"Getting the table up and out of the room can be tedious and baffling in the event that you don't oftentimes do it," includes Ferguson.


Reassembling the table by and large comprises of putting the majority of the pieces back together. You'll likewise need to ensure the table is level.


By and large, you'll need to acquire proficient offer assistance. Also, on the off chance that you select to attempt it yourself, request that companions help move the substantial pieces and name the greater part of the parts.


Enlisting Help


"There are movers that publicize the moving of pool tables particularly," says Ferguson. "In the event that they have extraordinary surveys, it may be the most effortless approach to the move."


And keeping in mind that some moving organizations will enable you with the dismantling of a pool to table, others may ask for that a pool table authority set up the pieces for a move. They may likewise make a request to host a third gathering help with the reassembly of it at your new residence.


Call around to keep an eye on assessments, which could extend from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, contingent upon your pool table's size.


In the event that stairs are included to move the pool table, the aggregate cost could be affected, includes Reid. Additionally, in case you're moving to an alternate state or the nation over, hope to pay higher charges than what you would spend for a neighborhood move.


Companions Playing Pool


Consider Replacement Costs


When planning for the exchange, "decide the estimation of the table on the nearby market," recommends Richard Montgomery, author of and child of a previous pool room proprietor.


Montgomery as of late moved a Brunswick Gold Crown Centennial model from Green Bay, WA, to Nashville, TN


"The table was around 1960 and in brilliant condition, and another one is around $11,500," he clarifies. The cost to dismantle, pack, deliver, and reassemble came to under $2,000.


"Genuine antique tables in great condition are an easy decision," includes Montgomery.


Store Properly If Needed


Before taking your pool table to your next home, ensure there's a spot where it will fit serenely.


"Expecting the run of the mill signal stick is 58 crawls long, you ought to have no less than five feet of additional space encompassing your table toward each path," clarifies Ferguson.


In the event that the new place won't have space for your pool table, yet regardless you need to keep it for sometime later, capacity might be the best course.


To continue everything in great condition, wrap the greater part of the pieces and utilize a wood container, exhorts Yuval Beton, operations chief at Oz Moving and Storage.


Likewise settle on an atmosphere controlled unit, as keeping the table far from warmth and mugginess will evade any buildup or twisting issues later on.


If you are looking for self-storage in Ottawa for your personal storage unit or business storage needs in the heart of Ottawa then give us a call to discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage in Ottawa. We are conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau we are the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Advantages and disadvantages of expert pressing

You may wind up in the somewhat confounding circumstance of not knowing without a doubt whether you ought to pay a moving organization to pack up your own particular things, or not. The motivations to contract proficient packers specified above may not generally be sufficient to help you achieve an educated choice. In such cases, you should counsel the accompanying rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of expert pressing administrations:


The upsides of utilizing proficient packers for your up and coming move are:


Quality pressing materials. The cost of pressing supplies and the time you should acquire those materials are two things that can't be essentially slighted. You can simply endeavor to discover moving boxes for nothing, yet the achievement of that uneasy undertaking will generally rely on upon how much time and endeavors you will contribute. Utilizing proficient packers and movers implies they will touch base with all the quality pressing supplies they will ever require, which additionally implies one less move-related obligation regarding you.


Pressing velocity. What's in store from expert packers? You recognize what they say – careful discipline brings about promising results. Your expert packers and movers may not be flawless in the genuine feeling of the word, yet the speed and proficiency with which they will wrap up your things and load them into the moving vehicle ought to be difficult to coordinate by non-experts. Keep in mind that time is frequently a vital component amid a house move.


Wellbeing. Security when pressing things for a move is of foremost significance. The first class full-benefit moving organization you will send down prepared and experienced packers who are completely mindful of all the security rules and proficient pressing methods that ought to ensure any sort of family thing – from an entirely normal wooden seat to a really exceptional antique china bureau.


Protection. On account of the way that expert packers are guaranteed in the majority of the cases, they will acknowledge the obligation for any things they pack. Stated in an unexpected way, the moving organization ought to repay you with the money related estimation of any broken and harmed possessions of yours the length of they have been stuffed by their moving specialists.


The impediment of contracting proficient packers for your private move is:


Taken a toll. Actually, the real disadvantage of utilizing proficient packers is that you should pay for their administration. In this manner stated, the cost of expert pressing can change incredibly and will depend not just on what number of things you must be secured for the street, additionally on what those things are and their general pressing multifaceted nature. Perused on show signs of improvement thought of how much expert packers cost. 


If you are looking for self-storage in Ottawa for your personal storage unit or business storage needs in the heart of Ottawa then give us a call to discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage in Ottawa. We are conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau we are the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Motivations to contract proficient packers

The date of your home move is practically around the bend and it's the ideal opportunity for vital choices. On the off chance that you can bear to contract full-benefit movers to deal with every last part of the up and coming migration, then you ought to have little to stress over as the expert moving organization you have chosen will likewise offer you proficient pressing administrations.


Considering that the errand of pressing up a whole home is quite often considered the most requesting and tedious occupation in anybody's movement logbook, contracting proficient packers is an extravagance that you shouldn't effectively reject – unless you truly can't bear the cost of it, obviously. How about we investigate the real reasons you ought to truly consider utilizing prepared experts who will pack up and secure the majority of your family things in the most ideal way.


Absence of time. In the event that you have two whole months to complete your home pressing venture, you will reconsider before paying specialists to do it for you. Yet, with two weeks until your turn out day, pressing up your home all alone appears to be out and out a marvel.


Absence of experience. In the event that you've never needed to move house, you might be somewhat stressed that you don't precisely know where to begin pressing for a move. Losing valuable time until you choose what to do is never a smart thought.


Excessively numerous things. In the event that you possess an excessive number of things and you do plan to move them all, then you will lose everlastingly to pack them securely. Proficient packers, then again, are known for their speed-pressing capacities without trading off any wellbeing rules.


Claim to fame things. Your expectation of pressing your whole home independent from anyone else can rapidly vanish in the event that you happen to claim strength things, for example, old fashioned furniture, a piano, a pool table, a hot tub, a substantial safe, et cetera. The self-pressing danger is quite recently too incredible to possibly be overlooked.


Long separation move. On the off chance that your new home is found hundreds or thousands of miles away, then your assets will invest excessively energy in the street. Furthermore, that is precisely why you're encouraged to get the most ideal assurance for them – proficient packers for moving. 


If you are looking for self-storage in Ottawa for your personal storage unit or business storage needs in the heart of Ottawa then give us a call to discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage in Ottawa. We are conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau we are the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Instructions to plan for expert packers

In spite of the fact that the group of expert packers will do what you have employed them to do – set up the majority of your significant family unit things for snappy and safe transportation, despite everything you should be prepared for your pressing team. What to do before movers come to pack?


Dispose of any things you don't have to decrease the aggregate weight of your shipment, and from that point – to cut down the moving expense. Why would it be advisable for you to pay for the transportation of futile things? It doesn't bode well, isn't that right?


Your packers will decline to pack any things that are viewed as unsafe – anything that is destructive, unstable or combustible. Nourishments of any sort are additionally not permitted to be stuffed, so you'll need to discard such dangerous materials preceding the landing of your pressing group.


Make an entire stock of your belonging before your expert packers and movers thump on your entryway. The point by point separated agenda will help you check your things the minute they are conveyed to your new home.


How to set up your home for expert packers? Something you ought to do is build up a no-pack zone – a room, ideally, where you can keep the things you will proceed onward your own – the basics boxes, for instance.


Set up a couple of fundamentals boxes with things that you will require until you access your consistent possessions at the end of the day. Such basics may incorporate doctor prescribed solution, plastic utensils, non-perishable sustenance, save garments, set of hand devices, toiletries, and so on.


Pre-pack a portion of the littler things to spare time and to have more prominent control over more delicate stuff, for example, gatherer's things, for instance.


What to do when packers arrive? As a general guideline, you ought to leave the experts carry out their employment however you can in any case stick around on the off chance that they have any inquiries. Likewise, keep in mind to show what a decent and circumspect host you are by offering them snacks (sandwiches, treats) and refreshments (filtered water, espresso, tea).


If you are looking for self-storage in Ottawa for your personal storage unit or business storage needs in the heart of Ottawa then give us a call to discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage in Ottawa. We are conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau we are the number one source for storage in Ottawa and Gatineau.


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