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6 Ideas for Donating Your Stuff to Charity

This is the time of year when many Canadians are preparing their homes for new gifts and presents that they will receive from friends and family during the holidays. Of course to make room for new things means clearing out some old ones. If you are like many people who aren't sure what to do with your extra stuff, there are a few options and we've got 6 tips that can help you offload your extra stuff during the Christmas season which allows you to make room for all of your gifts as well as your boxing day items.

Declutter Your House This Holiday Season

If you are celebrating the holiday season with friends and family you have likely started to dress up your home with holiday decorations, lights, and more seasonal items. This is the perfect time to reduce some clutter in your home and it's best to start with the big stuff and save the small stuff for the coming year that you can reorganize and declutter the smaller items after the holidays.

Moving in Winter? Here Are Some Tips For An Easy Move

If you've ever moved or helped someone move then you know how much work it can be to move between to residences. Most people move during the summer months as the weather is nicer and the move is a little more pleasant. Sometime however you may find yourself having to move in the winter months and this can be a completely different experience.

Self Storage can help as Your Business Storage Moves to the Cloud

Just like hundreds of other businesses, you are likely moving more and more of your files into a digital format and storing online in the cloud instead of the traditional hard copy file method that requires a lot of storage space just for papers. Well, what do you do with all of your physical documents during the transition? If you need more space then a good solution can be found in Ottawa's downtown core.

Collecting Vino? Here is a Guide to Home Wine Storage

Most avid wine collectors would know that it is ideal to store wine in a horizontal position so that you can preserve the quality of the wine. This is why home wine storage racks are specifically designed to maximize the life of your delicious bottles of vino.

Forget The Dog, Storage Can Be Your Best Friend

Dogs are nice and all, but can a dog be used to store all your summer clothes in the winter, and all your winter clothes in the summer? Can a dog help with storing a toboggan and all that ski equipment you can’t exactly use when it’s 40 degrees outside? Are they going to bury it in your back yard? Or how about all the stuff from your cottage you need to bring back when you winterize it? Or the pool gear that you don’t need when it’s 40 below outside?

Growing Trend: Downsizing To A Condo and Upgrading Storage

Many people are adopting the condo lifestyle for the attractive sticker prices, lavish upgrades, convenient locations, and maintenance free home ownership. While there are many benefits to buying a condo in Ottawa, the downside is usually a smaller square footage than you are probably used to if you are coming from a full size family home. So what happens with all of your excess stuff that you don't want to get rid of? Well the answer lies in rethinking the concept of self storage units.

Are You Suffering from Spillage While Packing?

This time of year is a popular one for moving, especially for students who are moving into new cities for school or local dorms and for families who are moving into new homes. You may find that you have more stuff to move then you anticipated. Good news, we can help you pack it all up - well at least by providing the packaging with our fully stocked moving supply centre in Ottawa. We are close to Gatineau also just across the bridge which makes us a perfect location for our friends in Quebec. And guess what else?

How's Your Golf Game?

Did you have a chance to get out to Loch March Golf & Country Club in Ottawa this summer? Did you have a chance to get together with your friends and hit the links? Hopefully the only sand you saw was at Britannia Beach. Now it's time to look at packing your clubs away for the season and this means secure, climate-controlled storage in Ottawa. If you are looking for an affordable solution, we have a tip for golfers in Ottawa.

Fall is Approaching: Are You Ready for Winter in Ottawa?

It's that time of year again with the season changing in Ottawa and Fall weather bringing some cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery with the changing colourful leaves. The cooler weather is a reminder that winter is fast approaching and we'll all be drinking hot chocolate and making snowmen soon. This is also a reminder that we are to start winterizing our cars for the cold months ahead and get our winter tires put on - which means finding a home for our summer tires.

A Self Storage Facility is a Great Resource for Real Estate Agents

The job of a real estate agent is tougher than one might think. There is paper work to take care of, clients to set meetings with, property to manage, prospects to find and much more. One of such inevitable problems that real estate agents face is that of storage for their files and even recommending a great storage facility for their clients to make their move efficient and stress free.

What Things Should You Look for When Shopping for Office Space in Ottawa?

When you're going to shop for office space in Ottawa, it is extremely important to look for certain qualities in the office spaces that you are considering. You may not notice this beforehand, but there a lot of things that you are going to want once you get in the office. During and after your move you can also benefit from file storage with the business storage services and commercial storage at Just Right Self Storage.

Is Storage Ottawa right for me?

Many people wonder why some choose to utilize a self storage facility. The truth is that they provide many benefits to those who choose to rent one.

Business Self Storage in Ottawa is a Good Investment

Running a business can sometimes mean running out of space. If your business generates a lot of files that you must retain for several years (or indefinitely) or you are a contractor or trades person then you can definitely take advantage of all of the benefits a secure, climate-controlled self storage unit in Ottawa can offer your business.

Top 5 Tips for Proper Bike Storage

If you are a cycle enthusiast, chances are you have made a pretty serious investment in your bicycle and you look forward to the warm summer months so that you can take your baby out for a spin. Cycling is great for commuting to work, leisure activities, and of course keeping fit. This is all great during the summer but what happens when the snow comes? You don’t want to expose y our bike to the harsh winter elements! This is the time of year most cyclist start to consider storage for their bikes. Luckily we have some times on proper bike storage to maximize your space and keep your bike in top shape.

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