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Heated Storage With Climate Control Is The Way To Go!

For certain items, heated storage units are needed to prevent mold and mildew. If you’re looking for self-storage and live in a cool or wet climate, a unit that keeps items warm and dry might be perfect. While some goods are susceptible to changes in temperature, others, such as garage tools, are not so easily affected. How do you know if heated storage is right for you? Let’s take a look at how it works.

Supplies & Equipment for Self Moving

You can’t depend on your movers to have all the supplies and equipment you need for a successful move. Some things you will have to secure yourself to make the process easier for everyone. When it comes to moving into our storage units we have a moving truck and drive available to help make the move easier. And if you are moving into a new house then we have moving and supplies centre to help with your move.

Packing and Moving Delicate Furniture

Moving can be exciting, stressful and exhausting and usually comes with a few surprises. One of the things no one wants to experience when moving is for delicate furniture to get damaged or broken. Sturdy items like outdoor patio furniture can typically be loaded directly onto a moving truck without having to worry but antiques, art and other delicate items need care and planning to ensure they arrive safely to their destination.

Storage Unit Rentals: Things to consider

The most important thing you want to consider when shopping for a self-storage facility is that your belongings will be safe. Keep in mind that every self-storage costumer has his or her own list of priorities when it comes to renting a storage unit. Before you sign any agreements here are a few factors you should consider.

Conquer the clutter in your house

Many often feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to de-cluttering their homes. Let’s face it, cleaning out an untidy house can be a real headache especially when there’s a lot to do. The de-cluttering process doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, there are a variety of creative ways to get started.

A central drive thru lane is best for self storage

Lately more and more people are turning to self-storage as a solution to managing space that has become too cluttered.  Self-storage units can be a cost effective solution if you’re looking to store some furniture, archive your business paperwork, put your things in a safe place for a while or to store holiday and seasonal items to de-clutter your house.

Where is the warehouse space downtown for your growing business

So your business is booming and you are selling more widgets online with your brand new website and everything is going great. You are looking at expanding and your business is outgrowing your current office space in Ottawa and the closet sized storage that you have in your office. So what do you do? You can upgrade to a larger office but that will add thousands of dollars to your overhead each month plus you don't really need the extra space for office staff; rather it is for the storage of your products during the sales cycle. There is some great storage space downtown in Ottawa that can help solve your problem.

Remove Kitchen Clutter For A Clean Space And Lose Weight Too

Life is busy and it can be easy to neglect certain areas of your home from your daily cleaning such as your kitchen and you can also start to acquire a lot of dishes, pots and pans as well as canned foods in this area of your home. It is always a good time to take a look at your pantry, countertops, and even your regrigerator to remove clutter and free up some valuable space in your kitchen. Aside from the clear benefits of keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free, experts say that this process can actually help you lose weight. Keep reading to find out how and why.

Do You Know How To Store Your China Properly?

Whether you are moving to a new home or you are looking to free up space in your home and you have decided to move some of your goods into a storage unit, including your china set. You may have been given this set at your wedding or perhaps it was passed down in the family. Either way, china is fragile and usually holds a lot of memories. Before you pack even one piece of china please read our tips on how to properly store your china to avoid turning your lovely set into a thousand tiny pieces.

Here is a secret tip to stay at the gym and keep fit this new year

Like most of us that celebrated the holidays in Ottawa with family and lots and lots of food, you likely have been looking pretty seriously at a gym membership or at least working out to shed those holiday pounds. Well there is a secrete to ensure you stick on the road to success to reach your fitness goals. Keep reading to learn what this secret is and how you can apply it to your life.

What to do with your kids stuff when they leave the nest?

Moving day may be approaching for your young adult to spread their wings and move out on their own. They may be off to college or their first aparment or a job out of town. Whatever the reason, it is time for them to leave the nest and start building their place in the world on their own. The big question now is what do you do with all of their excess stuff and childhood belongings?

Keep Your Kids Closet Tidy This Holiday Season

As parents, we all like things organized and our kids may not share the same organizational desires that we have for closet areas. There may also be a lot of things to sort through with all of the gifts from family and friends as well as the abundance of clothes that are purchased for different seasons and stock piled as they grow. There are some tips though that can help to clean up your kids messy closet and this week we share 6 great strategies for cleaning up your kids storage space in your home.

6 Ideas for Donating Your Stuff to Charity

This is the time of year when many Canadians are preparing their homes for new gifts and presents that they will receive from friends and family during the holidays. Of course to make room for new things means clearing out some old ones. If you are like many people who aren't sure what to do with your extra stuff, there are a few options and we've got 6 tips that can help you offload your extra stuff during the Christmas season which allows you to make room for all of your gifts as well as your boxing day items.

Declutter Your House This Holiday Season

If you are celebrating the holiday season with friends and family you have likely started to dress up your home with holiday decorations, lights, and more seasonal items. This is the perfect time to reduce some clutter in your home and it's best to start with the big stuff and save the small stuff for the coming year that you can reorganize and declutter the smaller items after the holidays.

Moving in Winter? Here Are Some Tips For An Easy Move

If you've ever moved or helped someone move then you know how much work it can be to move between to residences. Most people move during the summer months as the weather is nicer and the move is a little more pleasant. Sometime however you may find yourself having to move in the winter months and this can be a completely different experience.

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