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When You and Your Family Have To Move…

Moving in general isn’t an easy process as an adult. Can you imagine having children to add to that equation? That’s a little nerve-racking! You (and possibly your significant other) have to cater for yourself, your stuff, your children, your children’s stuff and the whole family’s quality of life beyond the point of leaving your old home. This is a big task, but if you keep reading, we can show you how to get through it. [Read More...]

Tidy Up Your Garage!

Pretty much everything you don’t use or need any more goes into your garage. It gets thrown in there (literally), with all sorts of different things that are just there collecting dust. It’s usually not a pretty sight and it could be hazardous too. Learn how to store your stuff safely and properly. [Read More...]

The Proper Way To Put Your Glassware Away.

Your glassware is probably one of the most fragile things you need to pack away. They can crack, get scratches and lose color. You can’t just store them anywhere. You need to find the perfect place to put those items that you don’t plan to use every day or only on special occasions. This can be a tough task, but it can be done. [Read More...]

Tips To Store Your Watercraft!

You love the water and you love your watercraft even more! That Jet Ski’s your baby! So, you’ve got to treat it like one. Treat it the best you can. [Read More...]

How To Get Rid Of All That Electronic Clutter.

You’ve got 32 old cell phones, 15 computer keyboards that don’t work and 4 computer monitors that have turned from ivory white to crusty yellow. WHY? You don’t use them, or rather, they can’t be used. They’re just sitting there, causing clutter. In a survey done by SpareFoot, 28% of the Americans who argue about clutter are focused on that of electronic clutter. When a device upgrades and you get the newer version, if you don’t sell the old item or give it away, you probably leave it in your home to gather dust. [Read More...]

Closet Cleanup!

Closet looking overloaded and tacky? Maybe it’s time to do a little cleaning! We’re sure you’ve got clothes (and a whole lot of other stuff) there that you barely even use. It’s time to pack ‘em up and ship ‘em out. [Read More...]

Get Rid of It!: Outdated Stuff That’s in Your Storage Unit.

You probably don’t need half of the things that you’re holding onto in your storage room. Maybe it’s just full of stuff that you don’t need? Time to clean it out! [Read More...]

Small Bedroom Storage Tips!

After years off living in one space, things start to accumulate. That can happen to your small bedroom space in no time. No one really wants a clustered bedroom, that’s already really small. Keeping things to a minimum is a good way to keep things for getting clustered, but how do you go about doing that? Read these 5 tips below and you’ll see. [Read More...]

Cluttered Craniums

Having trouble throwing away those old odds and ends? Hanging on to that broken picture frame that can’t actually frame a picture anymore? How about that growing 5-year-old collection of buttons that your cat keeps stealing? What about the used-to-be-white, jelly-stained sweat shirt (with the spoiled zipper), that you wore 8 years ago in college?

[Read More...]

Make more space in your home with storage and good habits

Whether you live in a big two story house or a small one bedroom apartment, you’re always going to need more space. You don’t need to move to a bigger place or renovate and a self-storage unit is a great option but only if you’re not going to need most of those things for a while. Here are some tips to help you make more space around the home.

[Read More...]

Spring Cleaning & Storage in Ottawa

With spring in the air, soon most people will be thinking about cleaning out if they haven’t started already. A self-storage unit would be the ideal spot for you to move some of those things into. Here are some tips to guide you on spring cleaning and your Ottawa storage unit.

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Self storage in Ottawa crash course

Self-storage is an efficient and affordable facility that can be used for storing your belongings, regardless of size or shape.

[Read More...]

Tips for Storing Financial Documents

Whether you’re being audited, applying for a loan or simply organizing your day to day finances better, you need an effective way to store financial documents. If you don’t have some sort of system set up you can become overwhelmed when the bills and important papers start to pile up and financial errors go unnoticed. No one wants to get caught up in a financial crisis. Keep reading to find out how you can create a storage system that works. You can also move your documents to our secure Ottawa storage facility downtown to keep your financial documents stored safely in a climate controlled storage unit.

[Read More...]

Store your kids toys and free up space with storage in your home

Do you have children? Are their toys taking over your home? Try getting them organized using these suggestions. If you’re going to plan a toy storage system for your home, the first thing you should do is let your kids know. Together, you can both determine how things should be stored, when and where items are used most frequently etc. By including them in the process, they will feel more inclined to keep the system that they helped to create.

[Read More...]

Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit in Ottawa

If your self-storage unit is over packed and untidy it can become home to rats and other creatures than manage to find their way in. There are benefits to keeping your Ottawa storage unit clean. Check out the following tips on cleaning out your self-storage unit in Ottawa.

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